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Japanese Art

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521 West 26th Street
New York, 10001

(212) 695 8035

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The Eternal Beauty of Metal

Through May 27, 2022
Onishi Gallery (521 W. 26th Street) now has on display its newest exhibition The Eternal Beauty of Metal. The exhibition’s title, The Eternal Beauty of Metal reflects the philosophy of Ōsumi Yukie—Japan’s first female Living National Treasure in metal art. Yukie articulates, “ . . . something particularly meaningful about the way that metals can substitute the permanent for the fleeting and transitory, conferring eternity on phenomena that would otherwise have a limited lifespan.” The exhibit features vessels made from gold, silver, platinum, copper, lead, and unique Japanese alloys that are worked using techniques including casting, chiseling, hammering, and overlay. The Eternal Beauty of Metal showcases the beauty behind these contemporary artists' masterpieces, while enhancing distinct personal modes of expression, unified together by their embrace of traditional methods. Select metalwork artists will be displayed in this exhibit, among artists featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibit: Japan: A History of Style.

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