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Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

18 East 64th Street
Suite 1F
New York 10065

T (212) 230 1680
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Instagram: @daiichiartsltd

Asia Week New York September 2022

Tsubo: The Art of Vessels

September 1–October 2, 2022

Dai Ichi Arts is proud to present Tsubo: The Art of Vessels, on the occasion of the Fall 2022 iteration of Asia Week New York. The Jar or Tsubo (壺) is a conceptually, technically, and visually boundless category of Japanese ceramics. This exhibition explores sublime interpretations of the Tsubo form by Japan's modern & contemporary ceramic masters.

The Tsubo as a formal category of functional Japanese vessels is a fascinating area. Particularly, during the period immediately following the second world war in Japan, artists established highly skilled techniques through this category of vessel. They laid the foundation for younger, contemporary Japanese potters to elaborate on traditional techniques with groundbreaking forms. In other words, the artists we showcase in this exhibition practice with a modern sensibility, but have uniquely honed traditional and historical approaches. We are proud to showcase these “modern classics” in this exhibition.

The definition of a Tsubo (壺) or Jar itself is complex, referring to a specific category of vessel. This practice of jar making, with its long and complex history, has evolved into the present. Artists continue to bind themselves to tradition or innovate within traditions. Particularly, we’re pleased to highlight fantastic pieces by Tsujimura Yui, Tsujimura Shiro, Furutani Michio, Minegishi Seiko, Murata Gen, Morino Taimei, Mori Togaku, and many more. Additionally, our exhibition catalog includes an essay by curator and historian Daniel McOwan from the National Gallery of Victoria.

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