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Japanese Art

Japanese Art

The Art of Japan

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New Fall Acquisitions are Now Online

We have just posted 101 new works on our website, including seven of Shinsui's top designs from the pre-earthquake set of New 12 Images of Modern Beauties, a special exhibition of the complete set of 28 Murders by Yoshitoshi and Yoshiiku, a dozen early impressions of Kiyochika Landscapes (from an important Japanese collection), several fine Kuniyoshi and Sadahide prints, and moderns by Yoshida, Oda Kazuma, Hiroaki and others!

To view them all, click here.


Ten Types in the Physiognomic Study of Women

For Asia Week Autumn 2023, we are pleased to present Ten Types in the Physiognomic Study of Women by Kanso Utamaro. This series of ten half-length portraits describes women’s characteristics based on their appearance or physiognomy. The woman in Kiseru (Pipe) has paused in the middle of arranging her hair to have a quick smoke from her kiseru (pipe). The inscription reads: “She is amiable with an obviously gentle nature. Her affection is of the deepest kind and she is like a willow blowing in the wind, or river grass flowing with the current”. Smoking was introduced in Japan in the late 1500’s, and with expensive tobacco and finely crafted paraphernalia, smoking became a signal of high status.

To view the series, click here.